When Fear Comes Back with a Vengeance


I've been battling fear pretty intensely for the past couple of weeks. I know, you're probably thinking, "Really? You're the one who's always talking about how to overcome it!"

That's true. I speak about overcoming fear because in some way, shape, or form, it is always present when you're on the path of growth. There is a cyclical nature to it. It comes in when we are doing something new, becoming visible, taking risks, and making big changes. But it also likes to pop up a bit more mysteriously from time to time, and it's not always obvious why it's back. It even shows up in conjunction with something you believed you'd already overcome.

Sometimes fear makes an appearance because you have made so many changes.  Perhaps subconsciously, you sense that you're on a different playing field with its own set of challenges and unknowns. Because everything is new, it might feel like an even bigger, badder fear than those you've worked your way through before.

What to do when that happens?


Acknowledge the fear and observe. What's happening in your life, your head, your heart? Why might this be showing up now? If you're having a hard time getting clarity, talk to a trusted friend. Sometimes a little assistance can bring things into focus and you'll have a handle on why you're scared.

Appreciate that the fear is providing you with information you need so that you can process and move through it to continue working on whatever it is you've prioritized for your personal growth.  

Trust that you have everything you need to keep going, even if it feels different this time. You have the ability to move through this relatively quickly because you've been practicing acting despite fear. This is the perfect opportunity to stop and take inventory of just how much change you've made and growth you've experienced—so celebrate how far you've come! Fear can be a powerful reminder that we've come a long way and it's showing up to remind us that with each new level comes a new devil.

Above all, have compassion for yourself. You wouldn't berate a friend who was going through this, so don't do it to yourself, either. Give yourself a mental pat, and acknowledge all the good work that's brought you to this place. Accept the experience as par for the course rather than a disaster waiting to take you off track.

Is fear back with a vengeance in an area that surprises you? Where can you take inventory and celebrate how far you've come?

Maki Moussavi