How Do You Hold on to the Good Stuff?


Do you ever experience a period of time when things are seriously great? Where you feel good, everything is going your way, there are no conflicts or worries hanging over your head, and it's as if some kind of magic has transpired to deliver this awesomeness? Do you wonder what will happen to take you out of this good feeling place? Is it doom and gloom thinking to that something will?

Not necessarily. The nature of our feelings is transient. Life ebbs and flows. Sometimes things are really fantastic and sometimes they are more challenging. It's far better to accept this reality than to believe life is waiting to deliver the other shoe directly on top of your head with an anvil on top. And it's when things are going well that you have the opportunity to tune in to the specific feelings and why it's going well so that you have a baseline to return to when something pops up to challenge your positive place. You have what you need within you to spend far more time in the good place than in the place of struggle and challenge. But, it does require you to be awake and aware so you can be deliberate about where you end up. 

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Every time you get to a good place, sit down and ponder it. Write down the feelings. Are you calm? Focused? Relaxed? Energized? Once you have a hold on the feelings, consider why you feel that way. Did you accomplish something? Let go of something? Overcome a pattern? Part ways with someone toxic? Take a break from social media? Getting to these specifics serves a couple of main purposes. The first is that you'll see the emotions that jive with you and can consider setting these as emotional intentions to proactively work toward on a daily basis. The second is that you'll see the positive behaviors and/or mindset adjustments you made in order to get to that good place, which acts as positive feedback to continue making aligned adjustments to bring you more and more into alignment with what you want for your life, in general. 

Sometimes we get "lucky" and the goodness shows up, but more often than not, we create it ourselves. You have that power. Tune in when it's good so you know what it takes to stay there or to get back there when necessary.