The High Achiever’s Guide

by Maki Moussavi

The High Achiever’s Guide: Transform Your Success Mindset and Begin the Quest for Fulfillment is for anyone who has it “all” but still remains unfulfilled, is successful but struggles with overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety, and is fed up with settling for a “just okay” life.

It’s time to transform your success mindset and get on the path that will take you to where you really want to be. The High Achiever’s Guide will take your life to the next level, coaching you through the deep work it takes to transform the way you see yourself and raise the bar for what you expect from life.


The High Achiever’s Guide pilots you through four major themes of personal development:

  1. Clarifying your limiting beliefs and the outdated mindset that has been holding you back

  2. Identifying the external or internal factors that drive you

  3. Making space for the new, updated mindset that will take you to the next level

  4. Showing you how to take inspired action and commit to the vision you have created for your life

Available August 2019

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Maki Moussavi

Maki Moussavi knows firsthand how it feels to be stuck in the rut of conventional success. A former corporate career professional, Maki’s early life was filled with messages of working hard, chasing the dream, getting degrees, and making money. After creating the “success” that she’d been taught to value, she found herself questioning how the hell she ended up feeling stuck, restless, and unfulfilled. But through a journey of self-examination, she learned how to raise the bar of self-expectation and thrive. And now, The High Achiever’s Guide shares her best tools and processes to determine what fulfillment means to you, so you can thrive with empowered confidence.


The High Achiever’s Guide is coming August 2019 and is available for preorder.