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Transformational Coach & Author

Maki Moussavi | Transformational Coach & Author

Redefine success on your terms with transformational coach, Maki Moussavi.

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take the first step toward taking back your life. Explore my services — from one-on-one coaching to corporate counseling — and let’s get to work.


Personal Transformation


One-on-one coaching designed to empower a life lived on your terms.

Are you a successful professional ready to find holistic fulfillment instead of settling for a lifetime of sacrificing at the professional altar? If you want a life that energizes and inspires you rather than one that bores, drains or overwhelms you, I can help you do the deep work of transforming the way you think and operate so that you can create personal and professional success fully aligned with your true desires.

Your dissatisfaction is a symptom.

Work is often the first place we notice that something is off because we spend so much of our time and energy on our careers. But the truth is that whatever is happening to make you feel like there could be more is true for every area of your life. If you want to experience real change, you can’t just set a bigger goal or look for a different job. You have to fully uncover what’s driving you and make the necessary adjustments so that you can confidently go after what you want instead.

Time to get out of your own way.

Transformational coaching is not for the faint of heart. If you’re ready to push up your sleeves and get to work on what’s holding you back in work and life, this program is for you.  

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  • Discover the mindset blocks holding you back
  • Gain clarity regarding where you are today and the values you prioritize going forward
  • Understand the mindset programming and patterns that no longer serve you in order to reprogram and align your life with where you want to go in your personal and professional life.
  • Create a powerful vision for your life and begin making it happen with your optimized mindset.
  • Master the ability to adjust as you continue to expand and grow with the tools you’ve learned to use.

Corporate Consulting


All the management, leadership, business and sales training in the world won’t reveal what truly makes each member of your team tick.

Aspiring and established leaders are fed a steady diet of content and training regarding how to be better team players, managers and leaders. They take assessments, participate in personality profiling, read books and do apply their learning, but the reality is that until the individual does the deep inner work, there's only so far he/she can go professionally. Personal development is a powerful way to tap into the true potential of your leaders.

As an organization, you have the opportunity to treat your leaders like the exceptional individuals they are…

And encourage them to get into their untapped potential that’s often locked away in favor of meeting expectations and checking the boxes.

 Whether you are looking to support the growth of your upcoming and established leaders or navigating through change, let’s discuss opportunities to optimally support your organization and tailor a program for your needs.


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