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Praise for Maki

Adam Grant once said, “Coaches get in the arena to help us realize our potential.” That’s how I would describe the value that Maki brought to my life journey. She was consistently and actively engaged in my “reach my potential” process. She intentionally set the next challenge one step outside of my comfort zone. She was able to give me specific feedback and guidance to help me identify were I was getting in my own way and, then, help me redirect my approach and thinking. This was one of the many ways in which she positively impacted my personal and professional growth. If you are willing to make this investment in yourself, Maki is an excellent choice to support your efforts.
— Dave Huber
If you have ever asked yourself, is as good as it’s going to get? Is this where I am supposed to be? How can I turn good to great? You have found the answer here with Maki as your mentor, coach, and confidant. She was such a bright light during one of the most difficult times in my professional career. She helped me navigate through and come out not only better but stronger.

Never have I ever experienced such a personal and professional transformational journey. The ride was at times bumpy, winding, and difficult - but oh so worth it! Maki has the ability to dig deep, challenge you, and help share perspective with tremendous impact. You will immediately notice this transformation in your “new” day-to-day (starting with the new smile you will start seeing in the mirror daily)!
— Cindy Rittel, National Account Executive, UNA
Maki is a brilliant coach. She is straightforward, honest and has great techniques to help you learn and apply to your own life. She’s great at reminding you of the person you are when you get off track and stuck in a rut. She has taught me to keep moving with things when at times it would be easier to get back into routine. I have made huge strides with my anxiety with the help of Maki and have done things that I didn’t think I would before meeting her. I love our one-on-one time as well as group meetings to see how she is helping others. I highly recommend Maki for personal growth and improvement.
— Casse Van Lear
Coaching with Maki has been life-changing. I got more out of the first thirty minutes of meeting with her than I got from years and thousands of dollars invested in therapy. Her no b.s. approach helped me face things about myself that I had avoided for years. Maki gives you a simple to follow process that is made up of ways to integrate what you’ve learned about yourself and create changes that make a huge difference in your life.
— Tricia Napper
If you have ever asked yourself, is as good as it’s going to get? Is this where I am Maki has a way about her which immediately puts me at ease. She really listens and is an amazing communicator. She provides a positive and different way of seeing a situation or feeling that is constructive and valuable. After working with Maki, I am aware of when I need to pause and reframe my thoughts when experiencing an off day or feeling uneasy. I have learned that recognizing patterns, removing toxicity and shifting my perspective are the keys to a balanced and peaceful life. It can be done!
— Michelle Campbell
Maki helped me hone in on what I want out of life. It’s easy to forget that sometimes you need to step back and look at the bigger picture, and then start making little improvements to get there. It won’t happen all at once, but over time she helps you to become more empowered and in touch with who you are. She’s taught me that by knowing who I am, and by listening to my gut, I can make the changes needed to create the life I want. Thank you Maki, for helping me on my journey, and for teaching me that the journey is half the fun!
— Alex Owens
Even though I’ve been on a mindset and personal development path for some time, Maki always helps me to see the things that I cannot. She is a master of seeing clearly, able to help me refine my own clarity and reach a higher perspective with respect to whatever we are working through. I love her balance of empathy with a no-nonsense approach that creates rapid transformation while establishing a solid foundation for moving forward. I have been able to cut out toxic relationships, build my business faster, and have more personal + family time because of the process Maki helped me put in place. I’m so grateful to have her as my coach!
— Sarrah Chapman


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