About Maki

I’m Maki Moussavi — a transformational coach, speaker and author.

What is a transformational coach, anyway?

Transformational coaching is a form of holistic coaching oriented around you as an individual. It’s about bettering your life in all areas by being willing to examine what isn’t serving you and making the changes to form the mindset, behaviors and skillset that empower you to create the life that’s most aligned to you.

It all began with a question that popped up continuously over time, refusing to be ignored: “How is this my life?”

I knew something wasn't quite right. There I was, well into my corporate career, and something was...off. I had a great husband, two beautiful children, amazing friends and a home I’d always dreamed of. I was on the executive track at work, had been promoted multiple times over the course of my career and was making well into six figures.

Despite all of that, my general feeling about daily life continued to deteriorate. I went from feeling “meh” and apathetic at one point, to spiraling down into the depths of a misery it was hard to articulate. By all appearances, things were amazing. My life looked fantastic on paper.

What the hell was wrong with me?

I started to wonder if I’d entered the dreaded *MID-LIFE CRISIS.* I had always shrugged that off, thinking such crises were for people who slacked off and, as a result, weren’t where they wanted to be at that point in their lives. That clearly wasn’t my problem.

I had the unmistakable sense that I was here for something more meaningful, but I had no idea what it was. How useless is that? What kind of calling calls to you without details?

So, I got serious about self-help.

I read, did suggested exercises, created the mantras – did all the things. And yet, I still wasn’t there, not all the way to the “finish” line of true understanding of what drives me. I had to figure out a way to continue the work with a process of my own design. I got to work.

Maki Moussavi is a transformational coach, speaker and writer.

I dove into self-examination on a level I never had before. I took stock of situations, relationships and circumstances. I marinated in how they made me feel, what I was tolerating, what wasn’t working, what I wanted instead. I looked for patterns, programming, ancestral baggage, any clue or rock that I could look under I did.

If I wanted something I’d never had, I had to be willing to do something I’d never done. 

And through that experience, I discovered there is a process, a method to the madness that creates unbelievably rapid change in the way we think and operate. The key is to know the steps and have the support and accountability along the way.

It’s time to step into the life you are here to live. I can help you make it happen.

I’ve always been called to support people through emotionally complex situations, which is why I became a genetic counselor years ago. The scientific and psychological aspects of my training provide a unique perspective and ability to help you identify the mental and emotional baggage you carry so that you can move forward intentionally, empowered to live the life you desire.

Staying stuck is not an option. Are you ready to do this?